Yes, why? Maybe you will be suprised but not for privacy reason, or maybe? Its for longer discussion, but for example when you working with super secret informations your company not let you send it outside to gmail or other emails. And personally i dont think that companies let you use gmail or any public email service.

I’m here talking about gmail, outlook or yahoo as a domain not as an email service. In my opinion you should not use any email on domain you don’t own at least for registration on other online services.

If you lock yourself from your email by forgetting password or by sharing something illegal which can end with account block, you will probably lock yourself from any online service you ever registered.

Yes, you can use gmail (or other services) which support using your own domain with them. Google has paid version of Gmail called Google Workspace (G-Suite before) where you can register your own domain, and if you love to use Gmail you can. Microsoft has their Microsoft 365, or paid Outlook, Yahoo has Yahoo for business.

You ask why i should pay for something that is free? So, if you using your own domain as company or freelancer it looks more professional, but main reason from this post is that you can simply move your domain to another provider. This way you don’t lose acces to your other accounts on internet.

I still have my Gmail account from my university, but moved all my accounts to email on my own domain with my surname.