Hi!. Just quick thoughts. It’s is hard to keep your mind clear, when form every side someone trrying to convince you that the their product is the one you really need. And privacy is good product for selling in today’s times. I think that we forgetting for other risks and maybe this is what companies that build their business model on privacy want. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle.

If you don’t doing something illegal, it is don’t matter if google trying to read your email. They business model is based of collecting of informations in case to provide you ads. They don’t need to ruin your life. Think, when they lost trust they can’t sell more ads.

So think before you buy “encrypted email solution”, your email are stored with zero access encryption on your provider’s server but when you sending it to your mom (who is using email) your email is send decrypted and stored on server decrypted with all information about you, like your name email and body of message. To ensure your informations are safe, you both have to use same provider or at least you both need to use some kind for encryption (PGP for example), the later is not that easy to setup, at least for not tech saavy people.

You both need to backup your keys or you will lost access to them and to all your data. I think much bigger problems are: big security breach in you email provider, bad network security in some companies, many people don’t want to upgrade their operating systems because “they colecting my data” or even don’t using antivirus.

I think people need to be educate people about true problems and don’t scare them that “Big brother is watching”. Understand me: when you will recieve email from your “administrator” where he want your password from you, and you going to click on any link there, and then provide your name and password, te all encrypted mail are for nothing.

So what i want to say? Try to think before you will decide to host your own cloud for you precious memory, Can you secure it by yourself at least that good as are big company solutions? I think that the Google and Microsoft solutions are great products. Think, if they are that “bad guys” as somene trying to tell you on internet nobody will be using them, and there are many big companies who rely on their services.

I don’t trying to convince you about that when someone trying to sell “privacy solution” it is wrong. I still have my paid protonmail account, it is really great product and i like their idea but i dont thing i need it for everyday use, and i don’t want to be locked to one email application because messages in your pone needs to be decrypted, and this is not how email works. So you need custom solution.

I think it’s ok to use microsoft or google (if you are not too scared of them), and not to move all your precious memories as soon to your own hosted solution. Yes you can find another provider but at the end maybe (just maybe) your data will be less secured than with Google or Microsoft.

There is Anti-google campaign or degogole your life and more. Many people choose moving their data to another provider which lacks some security features as 2FA authentication, has worse antispam or antivirus and so. This is something like “privacy at the expense of security” and it not feeling right to me, so choose bby yourself if you want perfect privacy with lack of security or you will go somewhere to middle.

Nobody telling you that you have to using only one provider. Otside there are plenty of them, so you can choose the one that suits best for you, but look what security features they have implemented. When you choose your email provider by the rule “If It’s not Google or Microsoft then it is good” you are doing it wrong.