You all know this question: “What app should i use for this or that?” or “Is there any better app?” and one of first thing you try to search youtube. It’s not surprise you will find many videos where people promote the applications they use. Well what works for me doesnt have to works for you. So answer is no. You dont need to pay for each of Top 10 applications, it’s become really expensive.

I get myself an iPad and try to solve same problem. I tired many applications because youtubers know how to promote their ideas. (If no they will not have so many followers.) What i want to say is you dont need to pay for application which on youtube looks “really great” and maybe a month or two later find it’s not right for me. Many of applications have trial to try it.

For example if you try to find Note taking appliactions you will many of them. Almost each has something special that don’t have others and almost all are paid. It’s ok. I like to support developers for their work. But problem is mostly youtubers show how they use more of those applications, 3 or 4. And if you pay for each of them “because they said they are good” your price can be maybe price of good smartwatch or mobile phone, and we are talking here only about note taking apps. And there are many more apps for writing, video editing, ptoho editing etc.

What is bad for customers IMO is that the many creators switching to subscription model. So there is no 6 or 40 eur per app but it is 6 or 40 eur per year per app. And it is on you if you want to pay that much on software per year. If you subscribe all you want you, maybe find its price of new iPhone every year. 😱 If you compare price for MS Office subscription for personal apps (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, Skype minutes and 1TB sotrage on One drive) with mobile app for Note taking it’s ridiculous. And there are still people who willing to pay that much money for one purpose mobile application. This will not be my path.

When I compare AppStore with Play market then AppStore has veru few app with ads on other side you will pay for almost everything, new major version, new feature, preium features etc. Apple play don’t has that many apps you pay for it if you watch ads. (some apps has more ADS then features 🤯). I don’t like the path taken by the mobile app store.

I have paid some note taking apps because they support markdown, has organizing features can export to PDF and more and after half year I get back to VSCode and markdown so i don’t resubscribe after subscription ends.

So this is my opinion, and I’m not wiling to pay for almost everything, maybe you have other experiences.

This is my 100DaysToOffload 3/100 post.