So i get rid of Google analytics from my page. I wanted more privacy but still wanted to have access to how many visitors i had on my page. I foud Plausible analytics which is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and dont storing any cookies on your page. and you can selfhost it on your own server. So only you have data about your visitors.

I’am not planning to get rid of google services from sing anytime soon. These companies (Google, facbook or others) knows infomation about you only when you tell them, so why to tell them everything? Even your friends dont know everything about you. Tehre are browsers which can block trackers cookies or you can use VPN or both. You can still use Gmail and stay private (for example by using PGP) by encrypting mails you sending with your family, or colegues as big plus you will have support for 2FA authentication (mobile or you ccan use Key).